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Mid-length haircuts with shaved temples

Are you bored with your current hairstyle? Why not try something challenging and wild? If you are used to casual attire, a cut with shaved temples could be your thing. It will make you look punkish and rebellious, with varying degrees of edginess. Lately, celebrities like Pink and Rihanna have turned the style into a fashion, and it fits them perfectly. And who hasn’t seen Miley Cyrus’s provocative undercut?

Thus, if you keep track of hair trends, you should know that shaved sides are all the rage. Try on this wild-child look! Such cuts show a different side of femininity. Don’t be afraid of getting a masculine look – an experienced stylist can keep it feminine, even a bit romantic (you can only get an undercut). Shaved temples, however, are guaranteed to spice up the look, turning you into an attention magnet.

A few considerations

Before shaving your temples, remember that such a cut will require frequent hairdresser appointments. In addition, it might not look flattering with your face shape, so be sure to consult a specialist.

  1. Side-shaved bob

This combo style is a perfect compromise between rebellion and tradition. The variation allows you to play with the trend a little, but maintain the conventional shape. The option could even work for a working woman who would like to have a more interesting look.




  1. Half mohawk

This style is sure to look pertinent in any setting. It is a trendy combination of short and bold, soft and sweet, shaved on one side only. Your face is beautifully framed with asymmetrical pieces, and the longer layers at the back keep the style suitable for a lady and less flamboyant than a full mohawk.





  1. Side-to-side shave

The shaved section above the forehead looks like a headband, while the rest of the medium length is retained. The cut is sure to accentuate your facial features by providing a clean outline.






  1. Partial shave with bangs

Women who would like to keep their bangs unchanged, could allow themselves a shave underneath on one side. This means only occasional visibility of your rebellious streak, which could be easily concealed in formal environment.





  1. Bouncy waves with a shaved temple

This cut will softly frame your face, and the asymmetry of shape will emphasize your features. With one-side shave, this impressive hairstyle will show your independence and vibrancy.

Whatever your choice, remember that such look is not for the faint-hearted. Adding a subtle or not-so-subtle punk tint requires certain boldness. It will look out-of-place in a combination with conservative attires, and it will look hideous if your stylist is unskilled. However, despite all the risk, this look is worth trying on! After all, you are only young once!