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Types of Asymmetrical Cuts for Medium Length

Asymmetry is a tempting option if you seek to freshen up your current look. Why not add a little edginess to the usual shape? The principle works well with any length, and variations for medium hair are abundant. Teenagers are not the only audience for these kinds of styles!

No matter what your texture and face, you could benefit from adding a little irregularity. Even fine and curly locks can be upgraded with asymmetry. There are numerous styles to choose from. Here you will find a few most showy ones.

The key benefits

Why abandon symmetry? Your current cut may suit you perfectly well, but it could look even trendier with a few irregularities. This could be added throughout the contours, or locally – to your bangs or, for instance, front tresses.

Another important advantage is the possibility of correcting your face shape. If it is square or round, it would look more elongated, and certain features, such as a long forehead or even a double chin, could be softened. Whatever shape your face is, you should try asymmetry at least once in your life. Shoulder-length hair in particular looks much more exciting with daring asymmetrical cuts.

Here are a few suggestions to inspire you:

  1. Asymmetrical layers with graded color

If your hair feels “weighty”, this shape is guaranteed to bring the dimension you crave. Opt for a darker tone on the portion down from the nape of the neck.






  1. Asymmetric bangs

This look is surely for the bold ones, but it does not necessary look punkish. If confidence is one of your strengths, try the side-swept variation. It will definitely look eye-catching and thrilling.





  1. Asymmetrical bob with coloring on one side

By boldly coloring only half of your hair, you accentuate the lack of symmetry and define the varying lengths. Why not dye it blue? This looks best on straight hair, so you might want to use a flat iron on your curly locks.






  1. Asymmetrical double-shade undercut

Whether you opt for an undershave or undercut, you are bound to look trendy. Cuts short on one side are all the rage. The effect can be amplified by using contrasting colors – for instance, dark under blonde.  





  1. Asymmetrical bob

Dare to look a little edgy with this chic variation of the classic cut! An irregular twist will breathe new life into the familiar shape. To enhance the effect, brush the longer side over the middle part.