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Unusual cuts for mid-length hair

Unusual cuts for mid-length hair

Are you thinking of upgrading your look? Spring is the time for changes, so why not dare to look different? Traditional romantic styles with straight lines and soft edges do get boring. Medium length allows an abundance of styles, from conventional to edgy looks. Do not be afraid to add a trendy or funky twist to your appearance. With an experienced stylist, it is all safe, especially if you are used to a more ‘casual’ look in general.

For a start, check the latest hair trends to get inspired. Thought-through rough edges (even chopped ones) can look perfectly acceptable for a casual or semi-formal image. And they are worth trying on at least once in your life! Today, there are numerous so-called “bedhead” messy styles based on choppy edges and asymmetry. Here are a few non-conventional wild and moderately wild suggestions to consider.

  1. Stacked bob

If you are not yet ready to wow others with extreme hair tones, go for roughness in texture. This short and edgy cut looks both wild and youthful! The combo may be composed of side bangs, sideburn bits, and choppy short layers. Add volume by getting some thick stacking on the back. Looks great with burgundy lips and subtle highlights. With this kind of layering, there is no need for vivid colors.





  1. A-line

Want to maintain a sleek look? You won’t have to give it up with this edgy yet polished style. Choose side parting, and allow a little difference in length between the front and back. Asymmetrical point-cut edges look unconventional, and the cut will be further enhanced with deep red or purple.





  1. Choppy crop

Want a cut that is laughably easy to style in the morning? Go choppy. All you need is a bit of mousse and a hair drier. The only drawback could be the need to trim the chopped edges every couple of months.






  1. Piecey and edgy

This variation of bob looks both messy and trendy. You need to get an all-one-length crop, which has to skim the corners of your forehead and chin. Volume is created by means of multiple short layers, which can be further boosted by wave texture.





  1. Messy Lob

A lob is, in essence, a long variation of a bob. If you are not yet ready for shorter cuts, try this funky “bedhead” look perfectly suited for medium length. To style your hair, you will need to create a gritty texture. To achieve it, use a special spray – either a salty one or designed for braiding.