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Medium Wavy Hair – How to Pick a Hairstyle

Medium length curly hair is just excellent for the creation of romantic, flirty, classic, or avant-garde hairstyles. With the help of a properly selected haircut and modern styling products, you can create stunning hairstyles for curly hair being of medium length. So let’s take a look at general rules of selecting hairstyles.

How to Select a Hairstyle?

Almost every woman is dreaming of having curly hair. It looks very romantic and elegant at the same time. However, it is just a delusive reality. Wavy hair is difficult to cope with, and it is not sometimes possible to select a haircut that will look neat and stylish. So what to do with naughty hair? There is a special selection of haircuts for curly hair. Take a look at the list below and choose the option that will work the best for you. Still in doubt? Consult your stylist then!

At the same time, there are always some general rules that may help to make a choice. It is always reasonable to follow them if you want to achieve some positive results.

Here are several factors you are to determine when deciding on a haircut:

  • the shape of your face;
  • hair length;
  • hair texture;
  • curls structure.

Based on the last criteria from the above list, curly hair can be divided into the following types:

  • Elastic spirals – They are dry, small, strongly curled; such curls stick in all directions;
  • Light curls – Large or medium-sized curls do not stick out; they instead loosely fall, forming not too twisted curls;
  • Slightly wavy hair – These are not strong curls; they may easily change their shape.

When deciding on the length of the haircut, you ought to consider the following criteria:

  • If you cut your hair with large curls short, the hairstyle will look sloppy. As a result, the styling will be difficult to cope with and your hair will lose its form;
  • Short haircuts are just perfect for girls with small elastic spirals. Such hairstyle will become obedient and will allow you to create various interesting looks;
  • For short, elastic and docile hair, short haircuts are most suitable. If with you want to leave the hair length, then do not let it go below the shoulder blades. In this case, the hairstyle will become a mane.
  • With medium stiffness and medium-sized curls, it is recommended to pick a haircut to the shoulder zone. Waves falling on the shoulders will look very nice and romantic.

If you still lack the inspiration of cool hairstyle looks on the site, check what the Internet has for you to offer. You will definitely find plenty of great references online. Prepare your top selection and come to your hair stylist with a few references. He will be able to advise on the best hairstyle for you. What is more, it is never a bad idea to check looks of Hollywood celebrities. As a rule, they always follow trends and can become a link to inspire you on some one-of-the-kind decisions and looks!